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2 X 2 Rubia : The Cotton Classic Dress Blouse: Poplin : Terry Rubia : Millennium Super Sonic

B. D. 2 X 2 Rubia covers the widest spectrum of colours, fabrics and designs made in 100% cotton as well as cotton blends. So, get ready to experience some exotic pleasures.

B. D. Rubia comes in a range of solid shades in plain and twill weaves as well as in white- and colour-based designs. Classically designed 2 X 2 with Super Gassed 120's Yarn completes this very exquisite range.

Sub-brand B. D. Amrapali and Platinum occupies the top position in upper-crust clothing. These are 100% cotton 2 X 2 in contemporary designs available in the latest and trendiest international pattern and styles.
Women, who strive to be the best, should not expect any less from their clothing. Hence B. D. has launched a complete range of - 'The Classic Dress Blouse' made from 100% Pure Cotton, which is one of the world's finest cotton. These fabrics are spun out of compact spinning technology that helps more fibres to be spun in yarn resulting in fabric with no hairiness and cleaner surface.

These fabrics provide an excellent feel and softness and have enhanced brilliance of colour, better strength and durability and clearer definition of design.

The range is available in about 25 different varieties, with different yarn count & construction, to suit different needs. Available in more than 200 Colours, as well as South chart (50 Dark), North chart (50 Medium), East west chart (50 Light/Water) to suit different geographical taste of markets, all fabrics are available in three style options of S.S.Than, 1.00 Mt cut and 0.80 cms cut.
Made from 100% cotton yarn using compact spinning technology, these fabrics have been a range in smart dressing. Poplin is basically used to make "Channiya" or Petticoat that is worn under the saree. Fine Tech Poplin consist of over 400 fashionable colors to brighten up your day.

Available under Coronation brand, poplin is available in more than 400 colours to match all kinds of saree's.
B. D. introduces Dollar - a range of fabrics for the new bunch of successful ladies who are not ready to shed their just-out-of-college look yet. With superior high twisted cotton blended 500 colours fabrics are contemporary style statements. The Dollar is made up of high twisted weave of 67:33 poly cotton fabrics with the use of classic yarns. The polyester helps in making smooth and fine cotton yarn that gives the fabric a soft look and adds loftiness to the fabric.

The traditional Rubia, made from new age fabric gives a contemporary look. Traditional yet modern, these formal blouses wear is perfect for a wedding or a special event/ occasion to enhance rich and wealthy traditions with modern thought.
Millennium with an impeccable cut and finish are probably the best in the country. The fabrics used are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Discover the legendary softness and sheer indulgence of the some of the world's most coveted fabric. Each fabric piece is perfected till the last stage. The fall and the fit of these are probably the best available. Be a legend in your own time with Millennium wear.
This collection is offered in a colour palette of spicy and bright shades that includes deep wine, blacks and midnight blues, which accentuates the look of the garments. The styling is the revival of the trends of Rubia and functionally it protects from wear and tear. It tends to be remarkably sturdy, as befitting 100 % polyester fabrics that were developed for rugged country wear. Tweed blouse can last for generations, like a fine wine with aging only improving them.